Repurposing Household Items For Environmental Stewardship

Because the earth and creativity, I would like to share some tips about DIY projects, repurposing household items, and examples of how I have applied them in real life. This isn’t a how-to-do as much as it is a how-to-(re)think post. There are many resources you can google for most projects, but thinking outside the box for what our material haves/needs/wants and where to get them/how to make them is a way of life and an unlearning/mind shifting I hope we can promote and practice together.

Things to ask yourself or think about before reusing materials and creating DIY projects:

  1. Do I really need to buy a new thing? Do I really need to throw this old thing out or is there a way I can repurpose, recreate this thing?

Observe the shape and sizes of items you may be getting rid of. From furniture, clothing, plastic and glass containers/bottles, cardboard, paper (flyers, pamphlets, etc.).

  1. Is this safe?

Consider whether what you are creating is stable and also healthy. For instance, reusing plastic containers for food have risks of leaking plasticides and chemicals into your food. Do your research, especially when working with plastic and anything that might not be made of sturdy material.

iii. Are there resources out there that can help me do this?

    There are countless blogs, websites, and how-to videos and instructions online.

  1. Do I have the proper tools and materials for this project?

This also includes thinking of ways to complete your project with the least spending. Perhaps you can be creative with the tools you use if the resources you find suggest using something you don’t have.

  1. Enjoy the process

Creating can be a slower process than just buying, but it can be very rewarding and liberating when you don’t need to depend on spending and to see that you’ve created something new with things you already have instead of creating more waste and harm to the earth. You’re not only giving to yourself and those around you – you are finding ways to live a more just (if not, just crafty and creative) life. Go you!

Reimagining furniture: Dresser turned shelf, Updating tables
This is a broken dresser that I converted into a shelf just by stacking the drawers on top of each other. I painted the light brown edges a dark gray to for a subtle look. However, for furniture updates make sure they are safe and will not pose harm to people you live with or guests, particularly smaller, younger, cuter humans who are still developing fine motor skills

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