Call For Participation!

Dear healing justice community,

This call for participation and place to apply for this years’ Healing Justice Practice Space at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit happening from June 19-22nd. Please share it with your communities, networks, and people who you think would be interested in volunteering!

We look forward to hearing from you!
the 2014 HJPS coordinators

Hello Amazing Healers, Practitioners, and Organizers!

We are seeking your participation in the Healing Justice Practice Space at the 2014 Allied Media Conference (AMC), June 19-22nd. The AMC will take place on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, and the HJPS will be held within the McGregor Conference Center.

Bring your and your community’s brilliance to the 2014 HJPS! Spread the word to other fabulous healers, health practitioners, and healing justice activists.

We’re cultivating space for people to receive healing, feel educated and empowered to keep healing themselves, and be inspired to share healing their communities.

Click here to apply to be part of the 2014 Healing Justice Practice Space!

Your response is due by April 18, 2014.


  • Healer/Practitioner

  • Space Keeper

  • Point Person

  • any combination of these roles

Practitioners & Healers will work in 1.5 hour shifts, working with the AMC community in experiencing healing practices and addressing health concerns. We’re excited to receive applications from all kinds of practitioners and healers. Some of the offerings at the Healing Justice Practice Space since its beginnings in 2011 have included:

  • -herbalism

  • -reiki

  • -massage

  • -acupuncture

  • -yoga

  • -energy and bodywork

  • -crisis counseling

  • -first aid

  • -nutritional counseling

  • -dance/movement

  • -somatic therapy

  • -art and sound therapy

  • -full spectrum doula support

Space Keepers will manage the sign-up schedule for people wishing to see practitioners and healers, maintain a safe space, support the practitioners and healers in their practice, ensure access to the space for attendees, and help troubleshoot other issues if they arise. They will also need to feel comfortable answering questions about healing modalities being offered in the space. We are asking space keepers to work 1.5 hour shifts. Patient, organized folks are essential in these roles, and help keep the space wonderful.

Point People are the go-to folks who help hold down the HJPS for 3-4 hour shifts. They communicate and troubleshoot with practitioners and healers, the space keepers, as well as the other volunteers and staff outside of the HJPS who are responsible for coordinating the AMC. Point people must be in or near the practice space throughout their shift, and on-call for supporting the needs of practitioners and healers.

  • Attend a conference call/online orientation this Spring, or the in-person orientation at the AMC.

  • Be on time and stay for the duration of your shift.

  • Have clear communication with the HJPS coordinators about your needs.

  • Sign up to receive one session of healing for yourself.


A very limited number of waived registrations will be available to practitioners, healers and point people who would not otherwise be able to attend. We cannot offer waived registration to all volunteers this year. Please indicate on your application whether you will need a travel scholarship (all volunteers) and/or a waived registration (practitioners, healers and point people only). All volunteers may register at the scholarship rate of $55 for the conference. All HJPS volunteers (including practitioners and healers) will be eligible for free transportation from and to the airport.


We will hold a shared space for pracitioners and healers to offer individual and group sessions. We encourage proposals for one-on-one sessions as well as for group sessions such as yoga, movement, acupuncture, meditation, and sound-based practices. We will provide some supples such as: lamps, adjustable dividers for each room that will be available for healers and practitioners to use for setting up their space for sessions, and yoga props such as mats, blankets, straps and bolsters.

Applications can be sent to: by April 18, 2014. Applications are reviewed by a national advisory committee drawn from the Disability Justice, Transformative Justice, and Healing/Health Justice communities that participate and have participated in the AMC. Please be detailed in your responses in describing how solid and amazing your practice is. You will hear back from us by the first week of May. Please let us know in your application on how much space you will need, and if there are certain supplies you need that you are unable to bring with you.

Although there will not be a Healing Justice Network Gathering this year, we are seeking planning and coordination support for organizing a healing justice gathering that will be happening onThursday, June 19th in Detroit. If you would like to be part of organizing the pre-AMC gathering, contact Peggy Hong, at: We acknowledge that past dinners, caucuses, and network gatherings have been valuable spaces to continue to build healing justice community networks during the time of the AMC, so we are looking for additional support to make the pre-AMC healing justice gathering happen!

We appreciate you, your wisdom and gifts, and look forward to collaborating.

In community,

Holly, Tanuja, Peggy, TK, Jardana, and Carmen

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