Our National Work

In 2010, Sage collective members were a part of building and visioning a space for healing inside of liberation through the US Social Forum Healing Justice Practice Space which created a free multi-modality practice space for organizers to relax and respond to trauma or triggers. We were also a part of a Health and Healing Justice People’s Movement Assembly (PMA). The PMA brought together over 200 organizers, healers, western medical practitioners and health and healing justice organizers to grapple with the role of healing inside of liberation and vision the transformation of our oppression and healing from generational trauma.

As follow up to the work we did in Detroit 2010, we facilitated a meet up of Healers from the Midwest to continue the conversation of Healing within Liberation at a Midwest Radical Healers Potluck in June 2011. Over 30 practitioners, healers and organizers from all over the Midwest converged, shared a meal, and discussed regional-specific conditions and solutions.

Sage Community Health Collective’s community work has just begun. If you have an idea or any questions about our framework, healing practices or a strategy for change-making, feel free to contact us. We welcome constructive feedback. Let’s build together!