• holistic well being

    We were founded by four individuals dedicated to social justice, community building, and healing.  With years of collective experience as activists, we were witness to fatigue and burnout among our colleagues and ourselves This inspired us to learn to heal ourselves and facilitate healing in others.


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    Sage is proud to partner with the Heartwood Foundation Women & Cancer Program to provide free holistic healthcare treatments to low income women with cancer.

    • Individual and Community Acupuncture, Massage

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    *Encourages us to embrace bodies of all shapes and sizes and meets folks where they are at.
    **Each person is honored for their individual body and their right to make decisions about their body.

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    Join Sage for our seasonal self and community care skillshares
    and workshops, community-building roundtables, and celebrations!

    (Image by Claudia Garcia-Rojas)

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After five transformative years, Sage Community Health Collective is closing its doors on March 15th, 2016.

Please see our blog for details on where you can access affordable wellness services.

We are maintaining our website for educational purposes.

Sage is a community health collective dedicated to healing justice. We offer sliding-scale, harm reductionist, body positive, trauma-informed services.

Honoring your self-determination and consent is a part of everything we do, from the moment you enter our door to the time you make your next appointment.

Important notes on access: Our space is wheelchair accessible, and we do have an elevator available for our clients to use as needed. Our space is not scent-free, however. We burn sage and moxa in our space, and we often utilize herbal massage oils and essential oils as part of our self and community care. We do not clean our space with harsh chemicals. If you have questions and concerns about accessing our space, please do let us know. We are constantly growing and learning, and we are committed to practicing disability justice to the best our ability.

Learn more about our vision, what we do, and who we are.