Our Organization

Because we believe in:

      • Challenging disempowering patient and practitioner dynamics
      • Healing ourselves
      • Working with each individual within the context of their community
      • Meeting people where they are at
      • Providing culturally competent, harm reductionist, trauma-informed and body positive treatments.
      • Building slow and intentional relationships with local, regional, and national allies
      • Self determination of communities  and people of color
      • Working from an anti-oppressive framework which means constantly teaching and learning new methods for survival and resistance by fighting against competitive, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, adultist, racist, sexist and capitalist systems and
      • Helping to facilitate collective healing from generational trauma


We our committed to:

    • Offering many alternative holistic health care, healing, and educational options for individual and community care, such as our donation-based drop-in NADA ear acupuncture, community care scholarships for services, all of our sliding scale services, and workshops
    • Honoring people’s voices and consent, using body/fat positive language, being trauma-informed and harm reductionist
    • Recognizing that we all share in the struggle for liberation
    • Following a standard of care* in our practice that emphasizes consent at every step of treatment
    • Making all of our individual and community care services and skill shares accessible to all people
    • Sharing tools, skill-building, community building, and collaborating to empower individuals, communities, social justice organizations and movements –both locally and nationally– to take healing into their own hands
    • Offering quarterly roundtables, supporting the Chicago Healing Justice Network and offering monthly Community care nights as a forum to build a community of radical healers
    • Quarterly programming meant to create space to explore new concepts and models with a diverse group of healthcare practitioners around self and community wellness
    • Collaborating with other health care providers to ensure that we are all prepared to rapidly respond to systemic injustice and state violence