How Do I Prepare To Come To SAGE?

    • If it is your first appointment, please come 20 minutes ahead of time to fill out paperwork.
    • Eat something sometime before you arrive. 
    • Do not brush your tongue. Your tongue’s presentation is a huge tool for us as we determine your pattern of imbalance.
    • Wear comfortable clothing. For acupuncture, wear shorts or pants that can be pushed above the knee. For bodywork wear or bring jogging pants or leggings.
    • Please bring cash or check. We currently do not accept credit cards.
    • Look at the map of our location. Our address is Armitage but our building is long and triangular and our entrance is in the back of the building on Bingham, close to the alley. Bingham is one way going south. If you are driving, you can turn north on Stave street, right next to 90 miles restaurant, which is one block south of Sage, turn right, east, on the first alley and drive behind the building, then make a right on Bingham going south. It is ok to park in the diagonal parking along the building. You can also find parking along Armitage.
    • Call ahead if you need elevator assistance. Sage is an accessible space and we are happy to have the elevator ready for you when you arrive.


What Is Bodywork?

  • Bodywork is way of referring to Asian Body Therapy, a healing practice based in Traditional Chinese Medicine that utilizes various massage techniques, such as shiatsu, tui na, deep tissue massage, thai massage, cupping, gua sha, and acupressure.

What is Community acupuncture

  • Community acupuncture is the practice of treating multiple people at once in one large community room, maintaining a semi-private atmosphere. You must make an appointment for community acupuncture. Appointments are booked every 15 minutes at Sage. The community acupuncture sessions typically last an hour, which includes a short intake with the acupuncturist and your treatment.