Cupping is a healing technique within the scope of acupuncturists and Asian bodyworkers to reduce muscle aching and tightness, muscular adhesions, systemic body inflammation and toxicity, colds and flu, and emotional stagnation.

At Sage we utilize a pump to create a vacuum in a plastic cup. We place the plastic cup on the desired area of the body, suction air from the cup using a pump, and the cup stays in place on the body, drawing the superficial layer of skin and muscle tissue into the cup. This allows stagnant, old Blood and Qi to exit the cupped area as fresh Blood and Qi enters. Cupping often leaves round marks on the body that can range in color from light pink to dark purple. The marks fade in 3-7 days. Because we are a trauma-informed clinic, we do not do this technique without the full consent of the patient, and we welcome questions and feedback as we perform this healing technique.


Aftercare Following Cupping or Gua Sha

Cupping and gua sha often leave marks that can last from one day to one week. Because these techniques open the skin’s pores to facilitate the release of heat, wind, or toxins, the areas we have worked on should be considered vulnerable to “invasion” by wind, cold, dampness, and other elements that can create stagnation and pain. Therefore, please make sure to keep the areas worked on covered and away from coldness or wind for several days. If possible, try not to bathe for 24 hours after cupping or gua sha. Please make sure to drink enough water so that your body can flush out any stagnation that was released from your muscle layer. Sometimes after cupping or gua sha, the area may feel a little sore or you may feel a little tired, as if you did some exercise. This may last for up to 24 hours after a treatment.

Cupping and gua sha may not only remove physical blocks, but also emotional stagnation. Therefore, after cupping and gua sha please do your best to observe your feelings and give your body and and being what it needs or is asking for, whether that is water or rest, great food, silence, or anything else. At any point after your treatment, please feel free to contact your practitioner or anyone at Sage if you would like to discuss any of the effects of your treatment that concern you. We are here to support your healing process, no matter what it looks like.

Please read and feel free to use our Aftercare Worksheet in English and Espanol.