Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture

In community acupuncture we are able to provide a quality acupuncture experience in a group setting. You will be seated in a comfortable reclining chair in our community acupuncture space. You will be paired with one of the available acupuncturists. The community acupuncture sessions typically last an hour, which includes a short intake, a discussion about your health goals with the acupuncturist, and your treatment.

Some nutritional, herbal, and lifestyle advice may be included. Conversation is limited by our desire to maintain confidentiality and comfort for all patients who are receiving community acupuncture. Other patients may be receiving acupuncture in our community space at the same time. We may incorporate cupping, gua sha or moxa.


Aftercare Following Acupuncture and Bodywork

Acupuncture and bodywork are transformative processes for the body, mind, and being. Sometimes after an acupuncture or bodywork session you may feel worse or your symptom may flare up just before you feel your symptoms improve. This is sometimes referred to as a “healing crisis”. At Sage we consider it a normal healing response. It is the body’s way of working through stagnation. While physical and emotional discomfort after acupuncture or bodywork is not the norm, you may experience discomfort depending on what your health goals are. Therefore, we advise that you drink plenty of water and observe any changes that happen in your body, mind, and emotions after you receive acupuncture or bodywork. Let your practitioner know what you are experiencing at every step of the way so that she may best support your healing process, no matter what it looks like.

Please read and feel free to use our Aftercare Worksheet in English and Espanol.