Our Mission and Work

Promoting individual and community care by creating spaces for healing, dialogue, education, and liberation.

Our Mission

    • to create a non-hierarchical worker owned collective committed to community wellness
    • to challenge systemic health disparities and the traditional patient/practitioner dynamic
    • to provide affordable, accessible, trauma-informed and harm-reductionist healing services including acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, and nutritional counseling
    • to facilitate the pursuit of community and individual wellness via workshops and skillshares in partnership with community members, activists, and freedom fighters

Our Organizing Principles

    Because we believe in:

    • Challenging disempowering patient and practitioner dynamics
    • Healing ourselves
    • Working with each individual within the context of their community
    • Meeting people where they are at
    • Providing culturally competent, harm reductionist, trauma-informed and body positive treatments.
    • Building slow and intentional relationships with local, regional, and national allies
    • Self determination of communities  and people of color
    • Working from an anti-oppressive framework which means constantly teaching and learning new methods for survival and resistance by fighting against competitive, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, adultist, racist, sexist and capitalist systems and
    • Helping to facilitate collective healing from generational trauma


    We our committed to:

    • Offering many alternative holistic health care, healing, and educational options for individual and community care, such as our donation-based drop-in NADA ear acupuncture, community care scholarships for services, all of our sliding scale services, and workshops
    • Honoring people’s voices and consent, using body/fat positive language, being trauma-informed and harm reductionist
    • Recognizing that we all share in the struggle for liberation
    • Following a standard of care* in our practice that emphasizes consent at every step of treatment
    • Making all of our individual and community care services and skill shares accessible to all people
    • Sharing tools, skill-building, community building, and collaborating to empower individuals, communities, social justice organizations and movements –both locally and nationally– to take healing into their own hands
    • Offering quarterly roundtables, supporting the Chicago Healing Justice Network and offering monthly Community care nights as a forum to build a community of radical healers
    • Quarterly programming meant to create space to explore new concepts and models with a diverse group of healthcare practitioners around self and community wellness
    • Collaborating with other health care providers to ensure that we are all prepared to rapidly respond to systemic injustice and state violence

About Our Community Care

Our Workshops and Monthly Events

We are committed to providing monthly workshops and skill shares, healing practices and techniques based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Traditional Chinese Medicine is historically a medicine created and practiced by and for the people. From Mao’s barefoot doctors to the more contemporary advent of community acupuncture, TCM is rooted in a political framework that is patient centered and holistic. One of TCM’ s main claims is that it facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself. Therefore, as four practitioners of TCM, we believe that these techniques should be accessible to everybody so that folks can manifest their own health and healing destiny.

If you would like to bring us to your organization for any of the following workshops, please contact us at sagecommunityhealth [at] gmail [dot] com.

Nahua Lessons: (Self) Healing Course: Learning from Our Native Ancestors

In this course, the young master Akaxe Yotzin will be sharing the knowledge, science and disciplines of the indigenous Nahua Nations of the Americas that were applied both for individual and societal holistic health. We will learn how to harmoniously direct our egos, be in sisterhood and brotherhood with our bodies, live life consciously and how to begin to understand the messages from our bodies and subconscious. Through experiential activities, guided meditations, breathing exercises, self-analysis and more, we will learn how to begin applying what we learn to better our every day lives on both emotional and physical levels. For more information email NahuaLessons@gmail.com

Moxibustion Workshops 

Learn how to apply Moxibustion to yourself, and if you are a healer to your clients, for various common ailments. Moxibustion is an ancient tool that is great for warming channels and points, keeping up your natural defenses, and moving Qi and Blood.

The 12 Channels of Chinese Medicine Part 1 and 2

Learn the basics of Lung, Large Intestine, Spleen, Stomach, Heart, and Small Intestine channels. Including: tracing each external channel, acupressure tips, how to stretch the channel, and Food is Medicine tips for each channel.

TCM strategies for Abdominal Health 

We will cover the channels that enter the abdomen, which is known as your hara.  The hara is your center and contains your entire history.  We will discuss what foods and herbs to use to prevent and treat common disorders, plus self massage/acupressure and stretching for the channels that enter the abdomen.

Guasha workshop

Guasha is a common tool used in Chinese medicine to help relieve muscle pain, treat respiratory issues like colds/allergies, and prevent migraine headaches.  It is an accessible technique that people can use on themselves, their friends and families.

Self and Community Care Workshop for Activists and Organizers

In the activist community it is so easy to blame ourselves for the inability to transform through our social justice work and activism. However, so much of our burnout tends to be caused not only by the individual’s own personal journey but also the cultural systems that allow us to burn-out in the first place. This pop-ed style workshop will lead participants in a discussion exploring questions such as: How do we critique our own  communities and organizations and tackle challenges without creating additional harm? How do we feel safe enough to fall apart, and trust we will have collective space available when we bounce back again?

Community Care Nights at Sage

Chicago Action Medical and the Chicago Healing Justice Network offer an evening of health and wellness resources for activists, protesters, communities in resistance and anyone needing care, once a month. The space was originally created to be provide  temporary “after care” services for activists, organizers and people who protested NATO Summit 2012. The event was so successful we decided to keep them going as long as there was  a need. It is a drop-in space to receive sensitive, trauma- informed, solidarity wellness care.

No appointment is needed. Donations are gladly accepted. We offer NADA ear acupuncture treatments, herbal consults, massage, reiki,  drop-in, short term consultations with a nurse or meeting with a counselor. These services are based on participation of practitioners/volunteers and all may not be available each month.

Community Care nights happen the first friday of every month. See the Sage calendar for more information. Please email sagecommunityhealth@gmail.com to find out how you can get more involved.

NADA Circles and Healing Retreats

Sage has been honored to receive requests to hold space for retreats and group gatherings. We have the capacity to come to your space or host an event at our beautiful space with up to 20 people. We have a variety of healing tools to offer, such as NADA circles, 12 channel stretching, gua sha workshops, moxibustion workshops, and more! We love creating workshops tailored to meet the needs of you and your group, so contact us for more information or to begin creating your group healing retreat.

See our events page for more information and upcoming workshops and events.

Our Programs

Sage is proud to provide free integrative therapies to lower income women living in the Chicagoland area with a cancer diagnosis through our partnership with the Heartwood Foundation Women & Cancer Program.

Find out more about our program services and how you can help by spreading the word.

Our Healing Justice Work

Resisting and Transforming
Generational Trauma and Oppression

One important way that colonial powers seek to disrupt the sense of historical identity of the colonized is by taking over the transmission of culture to the young.
Aurora Levins Morales
The Historian as Curandera

We are dedicated to facilitating resistance and healing from generational trauma on an individual and collective basis through monthly talks, workshops and events. The events are meant to lift up the legacy of resistance and struggle in Chicago and the impact it has had on our bodies, minds and spirits. We encourage storytelling, community building, healing and strategizing as ways to resist and transform generational trauma and oppression in our communities.

Our Local Work

Our work is rooted in an emerging social justice paradigm called healing justice. Healing justice, according to Cara Page co-founder of Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective, is “a framework that identifies how we can holistically respond to and intervene on generational trauma and violence and bring collective practices that can impact and transform the consequences of oppression on our bodies, hearts and minds.” Through this framework, Sage Community Health Collective is dedicated to creating dialogue within the social justice community and with our patients about the face of burn-out amongst organizers in Chicago and the role of wellness in our movements.

To begin this dialogue, we conducted focus groups with several community based organizations in the neighborhood to find out what there collective definition of “health” is and how a center like ours can respond to and provide community centered space and healing for those folks on the front lines. We intentionally invited staff and leaders from community based organizations and strong allies of the healing justice movement to be full participants in the shaping of Sage as a community centered liberatory space.

Our National Work

In 2010, Sage collective members were a part of building and visioning a space for healing inside of liberation through the US Social Forum Healing Justice Practice Space which created a free multi-modality practice space for organizers to relax and respond to trauma or triggers. We were also a part of a Health and Healing Justice People’s Movement Assembly (PMA). The PMA brought together over 200 organizers, healers, western medical practitioners and health and healing justice organizers to grapple with the role of healing inside of liberation and vision the transformation of our oppression and healing from generational trauma.

As follow up to the work we did in Detroit 2010, we facilitated a meet up of Healers from the Midwest to continue the conversation of Healing within Liberation at a Midwest Radical Healers Potluck in June 2011. Over 30 practitioners, healers and organizers from all over the Midwest converged, shared a meal, and discussed regional-specific conditions and solutions.

Sage Community Health Collective’s community work has just begun. If you have an idea or any questions about our framework, healing practices or a strategy for change-making, feel free to contact us. We welcome constructive feedback. Let’s build together!