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July 19, 2013   Posted by: sageadmin


“Today I realized this: Every person who walks this planet (or any planet) today, who comes from communities with historic oppression and trauma, is science fiction. You are the dream your ancestors envisioned, and then bent reality to create.” –Walidah Imarisha

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July 6, 2013   Posted by: sageadmin

Sage July Newsletter!

The Heart of Summer

Munch on watermelon during the hot and humid summer months to cool and nourish the Heart, reduce irritability, and hydrate in a delicious way!


We hope that you are finding ways to enjoy this summer!  In Chinese Medicine, every season is associated with an organ and summer is related to the heart.  The heart can help us to process all of our emotions and it is associated with joy and creativity.  To nourish our hearts, we can explore what might bring us joy.  It could be smelling a flower, spending time in nature, being with a loved one, creating something, eating your favorite food, and more!  Summer can be a wonderful time to feed our hearts with something that moves us.

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