February 5, 2013   Posted by: sagepage

Venus Sabay on Growing Roots in the Winter

Winter warrants a time for reflection, introspection, and to be more receptive. As the temperatures drop, so does our energy to deal with the outside world. Daylight becomes shorter. The darkness envelops our senses, and we tend to look at the darker side of things. We start to question our beliefs, and perhaps ruminate a little bit too much? The cold can make it more challenging to be physically active.
Regardless of the season, life continues to move at an accelerated pace. It is necessary to give yourself a break and drop your anchor once in awhile. Allow your roots to deepen into the earth and spread, and become centered. Communicate with the ground below you and learn how to slow down. Weed out that which does not allow you to grow, and trust in yourself. There is plenty of time when you embrace quality over quantity. In the winter, our roots grow deep so by springtime our foliage is strong and bright and beautiful. What does that mean for you?

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