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Frequently Asked Questions About Reiki with Isabel Garcia

What is Reiki?
Reiki is Japanese healing art used to promote physical, spiritual and emotional healing.
It can be used for many ailments including but not limited anxiety, pain reduction and spiritual and emotional issues throughout the body. It is practiced by laying hands lightly on or near the clients body while the practitioners channels the unseen universal life force energy to the client.

Where does Reiki come from?
Reiki as we understand it in the West was developed by Mikao Usui a Buddhist priest who lived from 1865 to 1926. After many years of study he found that he could access and use the healing energy and pass this ability onto other people. During the last few years of his life Usui developed Usui Reiki Ryoho which translated means Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method, becoming widely known throughout the Western World, as Reiki.There are many different forms and lineages of Reiki. You may have heard of Kemetic Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Tibetan Reiki or Celtic Reiki. Some are connected to Usui’s teaching as others have an entirely different system. All forms of Reiki use energy or qi to create balance within the body.

What kind of Reiki do practitioners at Sage practice?
Practitioners at Sage practice Reiki from the Usui lineage.

How does Reiki Work?
Reiki practitioners send healing energy to areas or energy centers of the body that the client has stated they want to work on. Each reiki session is unique to the person receiving the treatment. Practitioners use their hands to transmit energy from the universal or healing qi to the energy centers of that person’s body to promote healing. Different energy centers are associated with different kinds of physical, spiritual and emotional imbalances the client might be working on.

What are the “energy centers” called?
There are many different systems that have different names but some common names are chakras, meridians, dantians, channels, hara. Each energy center we talked about earlier has a specific vibration and color associated with it as well.

Where does Qi come from?
According the this Reiki practice, we are made up of energy. Everything in the universe is made of energy and has a different energetic vibration. Each person has their own vibration unique to them. Reiki uses the abundant healing energy from the universe to help raise up our own energetic vibrations to create wellness and balance inherent in your body. Like chinese medicine Reiki is really reinvigorating the bodies own ability to heal by giving it a boost of energy. There is no way to quantify the vibration. Some people are able to see vibrations and colors but most people cannot. The practitioner is not creating energy from within they are simply tapping into the potential for self- healing and connection with a universal vibration that we all already have.

What should you expect during a session?
The practitioner will ask the client if they are ready to begin. If the client verbally states that they are ready the practitioner will ask the client if there is a particular issue/health problem that the client would like addressed during the session. The practitioner will then place their hands on the clients body and begin the process of being a conduit of universal healing energy into the body and energy centers of the client. The energy may be felt with the sensation of heat, cold, vibration, heaviness, or a tingling sensation. Some reiki practitioners lay hands on the body others hover directly above the body.

If you do not wish to be touched in particular areas of the body or at all please let the practitioner know and they will honor your request.

How long is a session?
Typically sessions last 40-60 minutes. However at Sage’s Reiki clinic we are offering 20 minute sessions so that our students practitioners can learn Reiki.

Can I get triggered during a Reiki session?
Possibly. The practitioner will always focus their attention to the issue the client stated they wanted to work on. However sometimes healing energy can bring up feelings, emotions, sensations and triggering memories of past traumas that the practitioner did not intend to bring up. We value consent at Sage so if you need to stop at any moment during the session the practitioner will honor that. please feel free to ask for whatever you might need to get through that moment and we will do our best to honor your needs at the moment.

Is Reiki associated with a Religion?
Reiki is not a religion. You do not have to subscribe to any dogma in order to practice and receive Reiki. Reiki is however a spiritual practice. Reiki is spiritual in nature because it uses universal life force which balls upon healing energy that is guided by a consciousness higher than our own. However you don’t have to be a spiritual person to receive the benefits of Reiki. Reiki healing can be used on all different people from all different beliefs and backgrounds.

Can Reiki practitioners also practice other forms of healing during a session?
Many Reiki practitioners have other healing abilities aside from Reiki such as being clairvoyant,a medium or psychic. Reiki practitioners may start to connect with these abilities during the session but will ask your permission before they share any information they might be reading from you that is not connected with explicitly with Reiki.

About Isabel

Isabel C. Garcia is a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT). Isabel found in her
own personal healing, that it was important to heal the physical as
well as the spiritual , offering a channel for personal transformation
and growth. Find out how Reiki and healing with crystals, chakra
balancing, and other modalities can strengthen body, mind, and spirit.
Isabel is well versed in spiritual matters offering workshops,
chanting and meditation groups. A session with Isabel will help you
to believe in yourself and make a connection with your higher self,
gaining new perspectives. She has been serving the Chicagoland
community for several years and is excited to be working at Sage
Community Health Collective.

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  1. Norja
    Feb 08, 2013

    Hi Isabel, came across your blog and enjoyed reading it! Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing you knowledge. Cheers, Norja – feel free to add yourself to the directory.

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