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Bring Sage and NADA to YOUR organization!

This is Sage’s Tanuja Jagernauth doing NADA ear acupuncture at a recent event in the community.

NADA stands for the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. We use this acronym to refer to the 5-point ear acupuncture protocol we use for supporting detoxification from a variety of substances and for treating various addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic stress. Sage uses NADA as a community building, and community care tool by takingNADA to organizations and workplaces for group sessions. We also offer pay-what-you-can NADA ear acupuncture drop in hours on Fridays from 5-7 p.m.

Is NADA just for detoxing?

No! One of the main benefits of the NADA protocol is that it promotes a deep sense of peace in those who experience it, shifting the body out of fight or flight mode (sympathetic mode) and into parasympathetic mode, where we are able to rest, digest our food optimally, and reflect. Many of today’s chronic disorders stem from chronic exposure to stressful stimuli. NADA allows the body and being a chance to take a much needed break from the stressors of life to re-center, relax, heal. Many people who experience NADA immediately report better sleep, less headaches, less physical pain, and greater emotional well being among other benefits.

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The 5 Points of NADA

When we do the NADA Protocol, we use up to 5 points in each ear for each person. In this way, NADA levels the playing field, potentially getting folks on the same energetic wavelength, creating a collective healing experience. The 5 points we use are:

Sympathetic: relaxes the entire body, stimulates the Vagus nerve, promotes a shift from sympathetic mode into parasympathetic mode.

Shen Men (Spirit Door): relaxes the Mind, calms the Spirit, reduces anxiety

Kidney: promotes optimal Kidney function, transforms the effects of excess fear

Liver: promotes optimal Liver function, transforms the effects of excess anger and frustration

Lung: promotes optimal Lung function, transforms the effects of excess grief and loss

History of NADA

In 1985, Dr. Michael Smith and the staff at the South Bronx Lincoln Hospital developed the five ear points of the NADA Protocol, providing an empowering space for drug users to heal and transform during a time when drug users were widely criminalized. Since its creation, the NADA Protocol has been used as a tool for leveling the playing field, bringing together people of all classes, races, and backgrounds. For more about the history of NADA, please see

Ear Seeds

Another option for ear-based therapy at Sage is our ear seed treatment. Simply come in during our Drop-In Hours and request ear seeds, or you may obtain ear seeds as part of your community or individual acupuncture treatment. Ear seeds are Vaccaria seeds that are taped onto acupressure points in the ear to provide gentle stimulation to the points. Ear seeds can be kept on the ear’s surface for 5-7 days. Sage offers ear seed trainings for lay people to share with their family, friends, and loved ones. If you are interested in becoming trained in ear seeds, please email us!

Join Sage for NADA Drop-In Hours!

Every Friday from 5-7 p.m. in Sage’s Community Acupuncture Room (see back panel for location). Donations accepted. Please arrive by 6:30 in order to receive a 20-30 minute treatment.

Bring NADA to Your Organization!

NADA is a great community building and healing tool for families, organizations, student groups, retreats, and more! Email Sage at to discuss the details of bringing us out to YOU!




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