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Join the conversation about self and community care!!


Updated on Monday, July 15th!

Dearest Community!

Right now there is a lot of beautiful and complicated conversation happening locally and nationally around self care and community care.

What do YOU think? What does self care and community care look like in your daily lives: in your homes, organizations, and community?

Write to us at or comment on this blog post!

For your consideration, we are sharing the following AMAZING articles — they all deserve your time, so TAKE your time and check them out:

Needs and Strategies Assessment by Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective.

Communities of Care, Organizations for Liberation by Yashna Maya Padamsee

And End to Self Care by B. Loewe

how about a beginning of self-determined care? by Adrienne Marie Brown

for badass disability justice, working-class and poor lead models of sustainable hustling for liberation by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Care is the Core of Change by Subhash Kateel

More healing, more of the time by Midnight Apothecary

an end to able bodied rhetoric by The Root Cellar

On gimp-time: activism and commitment by Building Radical Accessible Communities Everywhere (BRACE)

Bruin Christopher’s Response to “An End to Self Care”

Love and Afro-Feminism: Is the Self Care Movement Individualist or Revolutionary? by Bitch Media

Privilege, reparations, and communities of care by Caroline Picker

Community acupuncturists took up the conversation on the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture blog!

Care/Work on Domestic Left by Jonathan Kissam

A Round-Up and Re-Frame of the Community Care Conversation by Yashna Maya Padamsee

And we are super excited to share that Organizing Upgrade is going to be keeping this conversation going with their Community Care Channel.

So TUNE IN, dear community, and stay posted for Sage Community Health Collective’s ongoing events to explore the intersections between self and community care!

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