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Greetings, Sage Community!! 

This summer has flown by, and we hope that you have been able to enjoy the expansion and warmth of the sun’s rays while staying cool and hydrated.

As Summer winds down and Fall approaches, you may be looking to prevent common Fall conditions: allergies, respiratory illnesses, and seasonal blues. To do this, talk to your practitioners at Sage about ways to boost up your Qi and your immune system. Qi, as you know, is the vital substance that flows throughout all of us, animating us, warming us, connecting us to all parts of ourselves. Qi can take a hit during times of heavy activity, stress, with irregular eating and/or sleeping patterns, but it can be restored with time and practice.


In terms of Eastern Nutrition, bland, sweet, and warm flavors benefit the Spleen, the main energetic organ involved in creating Qi in the body. To support the Spleen, try taking in more light grains, especially white rice, oats, roasted barley, sweet rice, and spelt.Also try including more of the following in your recipes for wellness: pumpkin, sweet potato, celeriac, squash, carrot, corn, parsnip, chickpeas, black beans, yams, peas, walnuts, stewed fruit, chicken, beef, lamb, liver, kidney, mackerel, tuna, and anchovy.

For a great example of how to make a tasty and affordable dish that includes some of the above ingredients, check out Kimberly Morales’ recipe for Quinoa, Black Bean, and Summer Squash Salad!

Do YOU have a great recipe that you’d love to share with the Sage community in one of our future newsletters? If so, email us! 

To read more from our newsletter, click here: CHEERS!

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