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(try to) be patient with pain…

♥ Some heart advice from Pema Chodron re: pain…it is SO MUCH easier said than done to try to be patient with pain, but we are posting this because of what she shares about aggression — it’s interesting to notice how aggression around body sensations might exacerbate the physical and emotional pain. I wonder what it would feel like to release some of the aggression around pain and just notice the pain. What would change about pain if it was experienced without the aggression? No answers — just questions for now. ♥

“Patience is a way to de-escalate aggression and its accompanying pain. This is to say that when we’re feeling aggressive—and I think this would go for any strong emotion—there’s a seductive quality that pulls us in the direction of wanting to get some resolution. We feel restless, agitated, ill at ease. It hurts so much to feel the aggression that we want it to be resolved. Right then we could change the way we look at this discomfort and practice patience.”

Pema Chödrön- Practicing Peace In Times Of War
(Heart Advice of the

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