September 7, 2011   Posted by: sageadmin

Support YWEP’s Street Youth Rise UP Campaign!!

Join the Young Women’s Empowerment Project on September 30th to support the Street Youth Rise Up campaign!!!

From YWEP:

We are gathering together, to march through our streets!!!! To get Chicago to listen, we know the reality of survival in this city, and the means we have to make it work. ON this day, we are coming together to change the way Chicago sees and treats its homeless, homefree, and street based youth for doing what they have to do to survive!!! Time & Location will be posted soon. We are coming together to make Chicago take responsibility for our needs, and accountability for the criminalization of our survival!!!!!

The March will lead into a speak out where snacks will be provided, as well as stage for us to make some noise about our campaign Street Youth Rise UP! And Get the city to listen to our demands, for basic survival needs. We are ready to take a stance against these institutions that are in place to help, but have continually caused us harm and pushed us out due to circumstance which is often out of our control. Come out and sign our Street Youth Bill of Rights, and find out what its all about, and all the wonderful supporters we have already.

Spread the word, lets fill these STREETS!!!! Time to Move on the Institutions of OUR NEEDS!!!!!! This youth led campaign is brought you the Young Women’s Empowerment Projects’ task-force “Street Youth in Motion. The Young Women’s Empowerment Project (YWEP) is member-based social justice organizing project led by, and for girls between the ages of 13-23 involved in the street economy. For more information, about the Street Youth Rise Up!! Campaign, or any more of YWEP’s work, visit

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